BeB - Smart Home | Automazioni, Sicurezza e Antiallagamento Made in Italy
BeB - Smart Home | Made in Italy automations, safety and anti-flooding solutions
BeB - Smart Home | Automatisations, Sécurité et Anti-inondation Made in Italy

Appearance counts also with the new BeB Smart Home packaging


Packaging must not only “update” itself to follow new trends and the market: it must also talk about how the product and the company have radically changed.

This is the idea behind our brand new packaging, which helps us to stand out and highlight our values and our brand within the market. However, its most traditional function, i.e. protecting the products, is still fundamental; that is why it is important to find the right balance between creativeness and usability.

The restyling was carried out by M+M communication who, thanks to their experience, have been able to give a new identity and a fresher look to BeB products.

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