BeB - Smart Home | Automazioni, Sicurezza e Antiallagamento Made in Italy
BeB - Smart Home | Made in Italy automations, safety and anti-flooding solutions
BeB - Smart Home | Automatisations, Sécurité et Anti-inondation Made in Italy


  • Automations

    BeB conceives and develops automations for swing gates, sliding doors, garage doors, road barriers and shutters and more.

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  • Safety

    BeB applies solid Rolling Code algorithms to its products, to ensure the maximum safety for your family and your home at all times.

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  • Anti-Flooding

    BeB offers a complete Anti-flooding system for your home walls, which keeps your home safe even when you are away from home.

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Our Mission is to provide you with the highest level of safety.


  • Business

    BeB offers tailor-made solutions for stores, gyms, factories, hotels, offices, airports, campsites and condos of all sizes.

  • Residential

    No matter how much your home needs it. BeB has been on the market since 1981 in over 25 countries worldwide.

  • Urban

    We conceive solutions for cities, hospitals, parking lots, stadiums, gyms, airports, campsites and much more, in ever-evolving contexts through innovative solutions.


The best way to get to know our company is through the solutions we adopt for our customers and the ideas inspiring our team. Consult our special guides to see how our technical expertise is applied to your needs.

Procedura di duplicazione con FACILE-433 e FACILE-MF beb-smart-home-guida-speciale-procedura-di-duplicazione-con-facile-433-e-facile-mf

Procedura di duplicazione con FACILE-433 e FACILE-MF

FACILE-433 Sotto i marchi trovi una serie di video che mostrano la procedura di copia dei trasmettitori originali. Quest
DGSM-3A Receiver beb-smart-home-ricevitore-dgsm-3a

DGSM-3A Receiver

{:it} Progettato ed ideato per l’utilizzo nel settore degli accessi automatici, e per la gestione remota di diverse appa

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