Automations for any type of access

We conceive, design and produce the “brain” of automations for any type of access, from simple sliding doors to more complex industrial gates.

We offer state-of-the-art products that stand out for their high quality and ease of installation, in order to better meet every need. 

Innovation is key: that is why we can provide our Customers with safe and reliable products over time, at any level.

BeB is a symbol of innovation: the company develops high quality products for the wellbeing and safety of people’s everyday life, as well as for the Business, Residential and Urban sectors.

Safety and ease of use

The solid Rolling Code code algorithm prevents the remote control from being cloned, while the innovative Master function, through a simple procedure, provides for saving or erasing remote controls without using the receiver or the control unit.

The products comply with:

  • EMC directives 2004/108/EC and following directives
  • Low voltage directives 2006/95/EC and following directives
  • R&TTE 99/05/CE
  • EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 55022, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 60335-1, EN 301489-3
  • 98/37/CE (Macchinari) EN 12453, EN 12445, EN 12341-1

Relays for all your needs

Every year thousands of basements are flooded during severe, ever-more frequent extreme weather events. Damage is always serious: in the worst case, cars, books, furniture, home appliances have to be thrown away. Insurance policies are useful, however compensation is always late and partial. Why not prevent all this?

We produce two types of relays to meet all your needs:

SP Series: relays with control of one or two electric pumps, alternation of series configurable pumps with inputs for floats. Alarm output and periodic self-test.

EP Series: relays for electric pumps with incorporated float. The Smart control panel for QP10 pumps provides for complete control over complex systems.