C407 Control Unit


Main characteristics:

  • Electronic force adjustment by means of triacs
  • Encoder
  • Opening and closing limit switch
  • Safety and triac checks before each manoeuvre
  • Cue at the start of the manoeuvre, switchable
  • Deceleration at the end of the manoeuvre, for both closing and opening, adjustable and switchable
  • Delay time in manoeuvre reversal to avoid mechanical damage to the motor
  • Display via LED of the operating status and inputs
  • Step command with 4 operating modes
  • Integrated input for 8.2 KOhm sensitive edge
  • Removable remote control memory


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* A 230 Vac output which, when connected to a simple lamp, makes it flash.

** The new Safety Encoder guarantees complete control of the movement and inversion on the obstacle. It can installed on all BeB swing gate, hydraulic and electromechanical automations, 230V and 24V. With extreme precision it can automatically find the deceleration and stopping points without requiring the use of electrical limit switches. It can avoid the automation pushing against the stop, thereby increasing its frequency of use and life, and avoiding energy waste. It allows the elimination of mechanical stops by manually setting the hold points, even for partial openings. Following a power failure, the encoder stores the position of the gate wherever it has stopped, thus avoiding abnormal operations.


Automazioni per basculanti (1 x 500W)

Automazioni per portoni sezionali (1 x 500W)

Funzione Master

Safety encoder (Opzionale)

Automations for tilting gates (1 x 500W)

Automations for sectional doors (1 x 500W)

Master function

Safety encoder (optional)

Automatismes pour basculants (1 x 500 W)

Automatismes pour portes sectionnelles (1 x 500 W)

Fonction Master

Safety encoder (en option)

Codici e Descrizioni

Mod. F03-BB-C407P0:
Centrale di comando per 1 motore basculante, con ricevitore Rolling Code integrato

Mod. F03-BB-C407P0:
Control unit for 1 tilting motor, with integrated rolling code receiver

Mod. F03-BB-C407P0:
Centrale de commande pour 1 moteur basculant, avec récepteur Rolling Code intégré

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